Recently Added

15 April 2020

Sauny the Scot is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew that moves the setting from Padua to London and gives Petruchio a bawdy Scottish servant, Sauny, originally performed by the author himself, comedian John Lacy.

31 March 2020

William Rowley's The Birth of Merlin was initially attributed to both Rowley and William Shakespeare. While most scholarship has rejected Shakespeare's authorship, now you can read the play here to see if you can find any traces of Shakespeare hidden in this Arthurian comedy!

20 February 2020

Our most recent addition is George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham's The Chances, an adaptation of John Fletcher's play of the same name. This play marks the start of a tradition of nobles reworking Fletcher's plays, which would become particularly important during the Tory response of the post-Exclusion Crisis years.

28 December 2020

John Banks's Unhappy Favourite is here! This play adapts popular secret histories about Queen Elizabeth and her favorite, the Earl of Essex.

15 October 2019

We've added the full text of Edward Ravenscroft's Titus Andronicus; or, The Rape of Lavinia! This adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus premiered during the Popish Plot. While it largely follows Shakespeare's source text (although Ravenscroft begins the long-standing trend of denying Shakespeare's) authorship, it also demonstrates its Restoration roots through its emphasis on visual spectacle, culminating in a final banquet scene that surpasses its Shakespearean predecessor.